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Building a Prosperity Supportive Interpersonal Environment Online

You may know that for four years, there was an exclusive Moneylove Club in operation. It was actually an audio membership club and each month I created a brand new prosperity audio for the members. They paid $27 per month to be a part of the introduction of some cutting edge material that eventually formed the basis for MoneyLove 3.0, launched in January of this year.

I ended the club to focus my attention on writing and promoting the new book, but always knew I would want to bring it back, albeit in a new form.

That time has now arrived, thanks to my lovely partner, Christina Makrides, who has been coaxing and enticing me (along with many of you) to do a community or group on Facebook. So today we launch the new Moneylove Club that Christina will manage and administer.

MoneyLove Club

Almost forty years ago, in my book, FRIENDS: The Power and Potential of the Company You Keep, I introduced the phrase, “Supportive Interpersonal Environment.”  That book has been out of print for years, though can still be found in used copies online. We hope to release a PDF digital version next year, and I have thought for several years that I could easily revise it to add to the title, “…On Facebook, Twitter, and All Social Media.”

The new Moneylove Club can be a human laboratory to try out some of my ideas in this area, and I plan to be an active part of this community of like-minded prosperity conscious members. I will be in the group on a regular but unscheduled basis, making comments, sharing new ideas, and answering member questions.

I described the supportive interpersonal environment in FRIENDS as:

Pockets of nourishment that offer hope for the future.

I can’t think of a better description or credo for the Moneylove Club. Do check it out and be part of the beginning stages of development.


I don’t know what its final form will be, but the limitless imagination and desires of the members will certainly help guide it in a positive and prosperous direction for all those involved.



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