There Are Worse Things Than Being Addicted to Quotes


Quotes May Be The Most Underused Resource of All

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about this subject of quotes. As you may know, I recently created a new strategy/process known as Quotercises.

Quotercises are exercises that allow us to get more juice out of quotes that inspire, inspirit, entertain, and inform us. I have found over the thirty-some years I have been creating quotes that people like to pass on, that as much as someone likes a quote of mine, they may not really “get” it.  Many folks just let quotes go in one ear and out the other, maybe with a momentary pause to be amused or awakened by the message contained within the quote.

Diamond Mine quote

This poster featuring a recent quote of mine was posted by, along with two others in the past two weeks.  Already, about 7000 people have shared these quotes on Facebook, which is mind-boggling to me.  It also confirms for me that it is time to more effectively share some of my newer quotes. Many older ones have been circulating online for years.

This particular quote is very ripe for one of my favorite Quotercises: To take a quote and put it into your own words, as if you were originating it (Which you are if you put it into your own words!). First, be clear on the meaning of the quote above for you, then think about how you might rephrase it, put it into a statement that reflects your true thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t have be great literature, or even be shared with anyone. This is your way to use the idea behind the quote in a deeper way, and to express yourself in an area you may have not expressed yourself before.

When I think about it, the quote above could refer to your own ability to create your own quotes. It’s great to discover quotes out there that speak to you, but even better to find one within your own imagination.



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