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What’s It Worth?


How to Figure Out What Is Worthwhile Exchanging Your Money For

Actually, in most cases the choices we make in purchasing really involve exchanging your time for the money you receive, and therefor you are really exchanging your time and using money as the middleman.

For instance (and I do realize this is a self-serving example), take the $27 a month Moneylove Club members pay to receive a brand new prosperity audio, usually 30 to 45 minutes in length each month. I put a lot more time thinking about and preparing for and producing and editing that audio than I do even a one hour coaching session that I charge $197 for. (though I am offer a package that would bring that down to $150 per hour).

Furthermore, careful research has convinced me that I am the only bestselling prosperity teacher on the planet producing a brand new audio each month that is not merely a repetition of what my book contained, but cutting edge new ideas, tactics, strategies, and techniques subscribers can put into action. So I feel comfortable charging that amount for a single audio. And I have no intention of raising that price any time soon, despite suggestions from some very successful and very rich colleagues who say a personally produced Jerry Gillies audio should be priced at $97.  Maybe it’s some residual poverty consciousness that has me stick to this commitment (we never get rid of all that unconscious poverty stuff)–or perhaps one of the tenets of the whole Moneylove philosophy, “Always give people more than their money’s worth.”

But it is not my decision as to whether it is worth the $27. It’s each individual listener’s. With one of the lowest attrition rates on any Internet motivational or success product, a large proportion of the club members have been so for over three years now, obviously the members feel they are getting value for their money. After all, a simple click can end their subscription via PayPal.

And here’s the bottom line, this particular audio series, or any book or audio or course is only as valuable as the results it produces. My criteria is that if it produces just one solid new idea or action that someone can immediately start putting into practice, it is more than with the monthly fee.

But if someone who signs up for lots of things in the motivational/inspirational field, and may not even listen to the audios, figuring he or she will get around to them some day, it is not worth $2.70, let alone $27.00

And, think about this,  the best thing we can exchange our money (or time) for is a positive experience. In other words, there are many things you can buy in the world that cannot be valued on the basis of rational mathematical formulas.  It’s the good feeling that accompanies the purchase and its aftermath that really makes that decision easy.

Another measuring marker of mine that has become very popular, and in various variations has been used by many success teachers and coaches around the world, comes from my statement:

“If it doesn’t bring me profit, pleasure, or knowledge, it isn’t worth doing.”

That sentence could also be used as a way to answer the question I pose with this post’s title. Is it worth it?

“If it doesn’t bring me profit, pleasure, or knowledge, it isn’t worth buying.”


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