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My Favorite Astronaut

earth-11015_1280Wally Schirra was one of the original 7 U.S. astronauts, and the only one to fly missions in the first three space programs, Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. When I met him in a TV talk show green room in the 1980s, he was a businessman. We found we had a basic philosophical bond when we started to discuss his business career, and I asked him an obvious question.  I said, “Wally, isn’t it a big letdown after being a pioneering space explorer to just be doing business on the ground?”

Wally said it wasn’t at all, that he always knew he wanted to be involved in some kind of business venture when he retired from space. He said his father, also a pilot, told him when he was very young that one should always know what they wanted to do next after achieving their primary dream. Wally also told me that he was the only one of the original 7 astronauts who had a clear idea of what he wanted to do once he retired from the space program.

This is one of the major failings of many otherwise successful people. They have no clue of what they would like to do when and if they reach their big goal in life. For that matter, people don’t usually have a next step thought out if they don’t succeed.

I don’t think you need to have a detailed set of strategies and tactics figured out, but like Wally Schirra, you should certainly be able to come up with some general thoughts on what you want to do next. I always knew I would like to try my hand at stand-up comedy after my speaking and workshop career. I wrote a lot of material, and even enrolled in the San Francisco Comedy College. I came to Panama with the idea of becoming the first English language stand-up comedian in this country. I have found this aspiration put on the back burner a bit by the renewed interest in MoneyLove and my prosperity ideas since getting the rights back to my bestselling book and Nightingale-Conant Moneylove audio album.

In recent months, a number of people and organizations have approached me about re-publishing Moneylove in many different languages, doing webinars, and marketing my material to a much larger international audience. I have not been flooded with comedy offers, so I will continue to go where the energy is. But I love hearing laughter from an audience responding to something I say. I’ve included this in many of my prosperity talks, but focusing on stand-up comedy is definitely my first choice for my next step.

Knowing what you will want to do next after finishing with what  you are doing now is a tremendous source of inner peace and invigorates one’s sense of purpose.



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